– read examples from apache they have all cases
– feels confusing at first, cuz pom can be retrieve thru file path(relative path?) or repository(g.a.v.), many ways to accomodation different cases (imo bugs in maven design)
– feels agg came after inh cuz agg sounds more scalable
– folder should be designed a way you can build individual branch as well as whole branch from parent
– inh more suitable build from a single individual child pom
– agg more a top down from parent to child includes a bunch of branches
– parent pom packing is “pom” if agg, no need for inh
– inh uses RELATIVEPATH to locate parent pom
– agg reference to parent via tag PARENT using g.a.v. coordinates
– parent has reference to module(s) via tag MODULE (agg)
– module inherts from parent if child didn’t have GROUP or VERSION, etc (both)
– parent must specify child pom, while child no need if a subdir off parent (agg), specify in tag MODULE with ../